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2S Hyperion/Hitec X4 Balance Extension Cable


  • 450mm
  • 2S Hyperion/Hitec X4 Balance Extension Cable
  • When using the #2204 & 2208 Hyperion or Hitec X4 balance extension with the new Hyperion HP-EOS0720i SUPER DUO3 charger you need to align the cable’s plug with the right side of the charger port.
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TQ Balance *charger specific* multi-extension cables use our flexible triple black 22 gauge cable material to relocate the balance plugs closer to you, making it easier to balance the pack in your car. These cables are made to plug directly into the balance port of your charger. One end has your charger specific plug and the other end has either an XH connector (SMC, Orion type) or both an XH and Thunderpower battery connector. These cables eliminate the balance board that came with your charger.

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