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NEW – 1cell/2cell Complete Charging Cable Combo for iCharger


This combo includes our updated #2620 complete charging cable assembly now using 18 gauge wire for the balance leads to increase durability and our stepped 4/5mm bullets (to charge both 4mm and 5 mm batteries) AND our new #2214 1s/2s switch extension that enables you to charge both 1S and 2S packs by simply moving a switch!

The #2214 switch extension is inserted between the charge cable’s balance plug and the RIGHT SIDE of iCharger’s balance port.

  • 1S – move the switch towards the charger (position 1), use only the positive/negative leads for a 1S battery and you’re setup for 1S charging.
  • 2S – move the switch towards you (position 2), use the positive/negative leads AND the balance lead and you’re setup for 2S charging.



TQ Wire #2620 complete charging cable and #2214 plug n play switch to charge both 1S and 2S batteries.

The updated #2620 cables are constructed using 12 gauge wire and XH balance plugs then covered in nylon webbing to keep everything neat. 2 feet in length. Now with 18 gauge balance leads.

  • Item #2624


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